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* Long Life

* Non toxic

Kerbs - pavements and car park areas 

Roundabouts - vertical and sloping faces 

Traffic Islands - vertical edges and bull noses etc. 

Jersey kerb traffic dividers - black & white  chevrons 

Concrete walls and faces on high speed intersections and traffic merging 

Peripheral delineation and proximity awareness for close vertical faces and continuous high level contraflow traffic  

Transverse markings on concrete pavements particularly in high wear situations - Gore and median markings

The long life, environmentally friendly solution to pavement markings


* ​Cost Effective

*​ Water based

GLOWLINE is a high durability cementitious marking compound for concrete, Hot Mix, Chip Seal, Brick Paving and Bitumen, 
providing enhanced night and wet weather visibility. 


GLOWLINE is a two part material comprising white Portland cement and an acrylic emulsion 
incorporating hard wearing, skid resistant materials, additives and pigments.  It possesses the same 
moisture penetration as concrete which allows fresh concrete to breathe without delaminating.  It is both non-toxic and non- hazardous in component and finished state.  It achieves excellent bonding to all road surfaces, especially on concrete and bricks.

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